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Friday, 5 December 2014

Blackwork needlework accessories, new cat, and latest news.

     It was Enerst Hemmingway who said ' One cat leads to more !'

     Meet Mr Kitty, cat number 4. He is not actually our cat, we are watching him for my husband's younger brother till he is able to get an apartment that allow pets. I can understand why propriety owners are not fond of pets, two of my cats are big scratchers. My 11 year old cat is the worst and has destroyed  not only the side of my bed, but wallpaper, and many door frames.

     My sister suggested double sided tape, so if you visit my home you will find many of the woodworks decorated with sticky tape. I even had some on the front door, but the day I found a spider caught on it I took it off... it's not Halloween anymore after all.....

Mr Kitty
     Since September I've been slowly working on my driving license, it's a useful skill I wished to acquire despite my fears of speed.
      I'm scarred of anything that is slippery, or  goes fast. I can't figure out the gears on my bicycle and have slow reflects... beside my confusing right and left all the time.... need I mention,  you'll never see me on skis.
      But, it was that time of year when the rain starts, and getting soaked to the bone is inevitable if you are a pedestrian. So I  started to call driving schools, nothing serious, just for information. One driving school offered a free try out, so I said, 'Ok !'.
      The instructor came to my house, told me to sit in the driver seat and start the car !
      I never paid any attention to driving before, and couldn't start a vehicle if my life depended on it. Before I had a chance to explain my lack of basic car related knowledge the handbrake was taken off, and the car started moving. I inched around the neighbourhood for the next 40 minutes, and somehow agreed to do the course.
      By now, I'm already many lessons ahead of that first try, but I've still got a lot of practise to do before I feel confident behind the wheel. Especially when the weather is foggy, and the roads icy.

View from the garden, on a frosty, foggy morning.

    Here are some photos of my latest project: A blackwork needlebook, scissor keep and biscornu.

    The pattern is available here:

Blackwork needlework set.




  1. The blackwork is beautiful Virginie!

    Good luck with the driving lessons.

  2. The needlebook is so pretty!!! And so is the kitty. =0)

  3. I love the needlebook! Good luck with the driving. I've been driving since I was 16 years old. When I get too old to be safely behind the wheel my daughter will probably have to rip the keys out of my hand.

  4. Thank you for your good-wishes ! It is said that taking a driving license in Norway is one of the most complete driving program in the world, and the the country provides some of the best drivers in the world... so I should be able to figure it out with time and practise.