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Friday, 11 July 2014

An interesting collection of old embroidery patterns + tatting.

    Recently I was approached via mail by a lady in the US who had a collection of embroidery patterns she wanted to sell and  was wondering if I would be interested.

    There is something special about opening a simple box and finding inside a lady's treasury of embroidery patterns, clippings, and try outs. The lady I bought them from did not know much about them, she had acquired them at a sale/auction some years earlier and knew nothing about their origins, but did send them to me in the box she had bought them in.

   The box was an old ' candied fruit box', probably from the middle of last century or around that time period. But the collection was much older, hand painted patterns from Berlin, Sajou from France, clippings, filet crochet patterns, and a sheet of paper with tatted medallions and motifs sewed on it.

    Several of the thinner patterns were sewed onto a layer of several newspaper sheets, I have seen glued patterns, but never sewed. And several places I saw the word 'Ohio', leading me to conclude that the original owner had lived in Ohio in the USA.

A collection of antique embroidery/ filet crochet patterns.
A patterns sewed onto a small pile of newspaper.

Pretty Berlin woolwork pattern

Another pattern sewed on paper


Tatting try-outs, sewed on an old 'Doctors' ordinance paper'

This little medallion was worked in very thin thread.

Beautiful tatting



  1. So gorgeous! Beautiful treasures!

  2. hi Virginie! oh my, this collection of goodies remind me so much of my visits to my Nanny's...she had all of these things, what a fond memory...thanks!

    sparkle & shine *~*

  3. Gorgeous patterns! I'm intrigued with tatting. It looks so intricate.

    1. Tatting is worked with a shuttle, or needles. It is really quite simple really as you only have to learn how to make knots and picots.... in the olden days it was an affordable way to add lace to clothing, or household linens.

      Here is my favourite tatting site... lot's of free patterns....