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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Garden news, and Godzilla !

     The apple trees bloom for only about a week, but the sight is pure heavenly.

      I still haven't had the time to make some the extra kitchen garden boxes I need, but to jump start the season I planted radishes between the strawberry plants and salads in old flower pot.

    And this year I decided that my vegetable garden would not be fertilised by the cats ! I bought a net and covered my garden boxes ! I wish I did not have to do this but my kitties do not listen when I tell them that the boxes are for veggies and not a big litter bin.    

Apple blossoms 2014

The first harvest of the year - radishes.

Alain has been fascinated recently with the phenomena that is Godzilla. He never saw the movie, but had a general idea that it was some sort of giant lizard and Tokyo had something to do with the story.

Godzilla destroying Tokyo, people are running, bicycles are overturned, etc....

Alain is feeding Godzilla something..... I hope it is not more people !

Godzilla paper costume


  1. what a wonderful monster!!!

  2. That is a neat idea covering the boxes. I wish I could do that, but I have a tomato plant. We have a rabbit or some chipmonk that is eating my tomatoes.

    Your son is very creative!

    1. Rabbits are a bit of a problem when it comes to vegetable gardens...... Maybe some chicken wire around your kitchen garden would keep them away... but I know that rabbits also dig their way under fences.......