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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Meet ' Chomper '

    I would like to introduce my readers to ‘ chomper’. 

    The weather having being grey and cold for far too long, and it still a little too early in the year to start any sort of gardening , a thirst for color and inspiration took me to the big gardening shop one Sunday afternoon.

    The gardening shop is about the only place you’ll find open on a Sunday in Norway and a great place to meet other gardeners forlorn by the Nordic winter who are just as itchy as you are to get to dig their fingers into some dirt.

    The shop was under renovation so there wasn’t that much to see, but since the boys had been asking about getting a plant for their room Alain managed to talk me into buying a little Venus-fly-trap.

    All the way home he chatted about his new best friend, he was going to call it ‘ chomper’, and it was going to grow and grow and rid him and his brother of the few annoying flying insects that might make their way into the boys bedroom in the summer months.
    There was some discussion as to how big it would actually get, and whether or not those flesh eating plants were actually a potential danger to humans….. I thought little of the childish questions, and attributed it to a simple curiosity in regard to the new plant.

    I forgot all about Chomper, till later that evening when Roland brought the little pot to my room and asked if it could overnight there…… ‘ Just in case….!’

    Maybe he worried it might grow to the size of the carnivorous plant from the animation film Ice Age 3….?

The carnivorous plant from Ice Age 3

I settled for non-dangerous mini roses.....


  1. Love the roses! Hope chomper didn't trouble you at night! LOL!

  2. We are still alive.. but Chomper has gown in the past 10 days...... maybe I should be scared ?

  3. Those things need humidity to grow that big... but they DO get extremely large in the right conditions. Keeping it in a small pot will also limit how big it will grow.