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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Winter snow...

     After a most abnormally warm December, the snow did make its appearance, and this time with a revenge..... snow, snow, snow... now that I think about it, between the endless December rain and the January snow we have seen very little of the sun !

Waiting for the spring
    But, despite the cold and snow, I have a window ledge filled with pretty Kalanchoe in bloom. Those little plants are so neat, you just nip off a leave, place it in damp earth and it grows roots.

Red Kalanchoe

A yellow kalanchoe blooms in the middle of winter

And in pink....

Such lovely little blooms
A little poem about the winter... wasn't able to find the name of the author though.

A snow cave in the garden.

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  1. wow how different it is from Australia at the moment :) This Sunday apparently will be 41 degrees celsius (approx 105.8 F). keep warm and take care x