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Sunday 12 May 2013

More Alpursa

    A little while back I wrote about my new project of collecting Alpursa chocolate vignettes.... well, I got rather lucky when I was the only bidder on a fantastic album full of complete sets of vignettes.

    There was some blank pages at the end of the book, so I was able to glue some of the patterns I had from before which were not included in the collection.

    Most of the little charts are rather typical, some are pretty low quality while others are rare, original cross stitch ideas. The one I thought most interesting was the set of 6 little charts depicting a soldiers life, leaving home, the battle, visiting, being wounded, etc....

    The most interesting charts I will be re-charting in the near futur.

Alursa album

A soldiers life

Classic motifs

Space for adding more vignettes


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