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Monday, 10 September 2018

Shades of Eire by drops designs - Part 2

And so I finished my knitted shawl this week, and am quite happy with the result. There was just enough dark wool to finish the project, and some white and medium brown.

The lace bit was easy enough, though I find diagrams a little hard to follow. Maybe it’s just me, but when I work a lace pattern I like to repeat in my head the order of stitches so I prefer written instructions versus diagrams. 

A little mistake in the picot edge was that the pattern did not tell you to pass the last K stitch on the right needle back onto the left needle before starting a new picot. 

The  pattern should read:
K first stitch, then slide it back onto the left needle.
Slip right needle between the two first stitches on the left needle, do a YO, pull it through and put it on the left needle, repeat x2 more times.
Now you have 3 new stitches on the left needle. Cast off 6 stitches, then place last stitch back on the left needle.
Repeat until you have no more stitches. Bind off.
Cast off – Knit two stitches then slip the first one over the last one.

Overall I like Drops wool for the fact that they are affordable, easy to get ahold of and often on sale. The quality is better than most cheaper yarn and there is a lot of colors to choose from in all the range. But as for Drops patterns, this is not the first time I use their patterns for knit/crochet and each time I find them a little frustrating to follow. I think they could be written in a clearer format, maybe simplified a little ? 

For example this pattern uses a lot the sentence ‘1 edge st in garter st’, when they could have simply said Knit or Purl.

All done ! Shades of Eire by Drops designs

So this is all the yarn that was left.... if I had worked the short rows I might not have had enough dark brown yarn.

Here you can see a little the size/length

Disclaimer: All recommendations or opinions are my own preference, and point of view; I am not sponsored or affiliated with Drops designs.

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