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Friday 30 March 2018

Small rose. Free cross stitch pattern - Part 1 cross stitch

I’m happy to present you with this charming  free cross stitch pattern. This small design is adapted from a larger antique, hand painted Berlin woolwork pattern. 

Counted patterns such a cross stitch or Berlin woolwork charts are such flexible designs, you can use them with different embroidery, or needlework  techniques, and in many other arts and crafts project.
I propose to present you with different examples, so keep checking back as I will post photos of all the varieties of ways I stitch this little rose design.

You are welcome to join in the fun and stitch, or craft something beautiful with this little rose pattern.
Be sure to tag your project with #rolanddesigns

The first example was stitched in classic cross stitch, with 2 threads over two threads on 28 ct linen.

The free pattern can be downloaded here:

Small rose - Cross stitch

Remember how I mentioned a little while back about my new project – knitting a small scarf from a single ball of yarn ? Well, it turns out it actually worked. I made this sweet little triangular scarf with just one ball of sock yarn.

Total size 38 x 130 cm

The pattern I used was quite simple, and since I had extra yarn I kept repeating the pattern until I had done. It was a simple, and relaxing little  project  which didn’t require too much concentration, so I think I will do this one again but with x2 skeins next time – Just to make it a little bit longer.


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