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Friday, 23 March 2018

Forget-me-not cross stitch picture

I want to present you my new cross stitch pattern, assembled from a timeworn Berlin woolwork hand painted design, and some very old alphabets.

Often antique  embroidery charts for alphabets don’t contain the letter J or W, so I created my own with the V as the sample. The poem is an American classic, written by Emily Bruce Roelofson in the late 1800’s. I learned this poem as a child, and always thought about it when I see those sweet, small blue forget-me-nots. I actually brought some roots along with me when I moved houses some years ago, and they have well adapted to their new home and spread prettily everywhere. 

Maybe it’s the long winter with constant snow since November that makes me think and yearn for spring, and the all the little surprises that are resting and preparing to bloom for me as soon as the snow melts and the sun touches the earth bringing back life, and colour into the garden.

The inspiration behind the pattern

Original Berlin woolwork pattern signed 'Bruno Boner in Berlin'

The finished pattern is available here:

The pattern file includes an alphabet so you can personalise your embroidery, and a small bonus chart: The flower posie found in the middle of the orignal design.

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