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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Knitting around the Christmas tree

My 12 years old daughter Emilie, is very fond of knitting. So for Christmas I treated her to a very large bag of colourful yarn, and expected it to last her a good while. But Emilie being the fastest knitter I know, she used up most of it within the Christmas holiday knitting little toys, and purses. 

She is a very creative soul, and not too fond of following patterns, preferring to knit away and then put it together from her own imagination and using what she has available.

So here is a little sample of some of her Christmast 2017 creations, a little turtle, a pony, a fish and some purses. She also has started work on a mermaid, photos coming soon.

Emilie knitting away... !

Pink pony

A little turtle, fish and purse
As for myself, I tackled my fear of socks and knitted my finished up my first satisfactory sock while watching Christmas movies. Hopefully the second one will match ! 

My sister had presented me with a big, beautiful ball of King Cole Zig Zag yarn and the free pattern it came with, so as soon as I was finished with my cardigan I got started with the socks. 

The printed pattern did not come with detailed pictures, so I went online and looked up a bit on you tube about sock knitting just to make sense of what was printed. But as it is recommended, just follow the pattern exactly as written and before you know it, you will have turned a heel, and knitted a gusset.

Here is a you tube video I found very useful:

" Yeah ! " I managed to knit a sock, and it wasn't so difficult ! Knitted in King Cole Zig Zag yarn - 3014 Strata

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