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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Antique Christmas sampler - The mystery of the two samplers by Louie

It’s Christmas and I have a needlework mystery to present to you.

A year ago I purchased online a lovely birthday sampler, worked in tiny cross stitched from a stitcher called Louie and dedicated to ‘Dear Rose’ and dated 1896

Then recently I acquired a similar sampler, this time a Christmas sampler dated 1895 and also stitched by Louie for a ‘Dear Rose’.

I feel privileged to own these two pieces of needlework, but the mystery will always persist for me.
Who was Louie ? The name is unisex, and could have been a man or a woman.

And who was Rose ? All we know is that she was an important person for Louie, someone loved and cherished as shown by the beautiful and delicate needlework stitched over 120 years ago.

The samplers were both purchased from the UK, but with a year apart and by two different sellers.
How did they get separated ? Maybe we will never know, but if any of my readers have a clue…. Let me know.

You almost have to hold up the sampler to the light to be able to see the writing since it is so faded

Beautiful faded details

Two samplers, bought a year apart from two different sellers... but stitched by the same person

I will always wonder who was Louie and Rose, what was their relation, what was their lives like ? And how did the samplers get seperated ?

May the blessing of the Lord rest upon you this Christmas

Open fly the gates of heaven
Downward sweeps the angels throng
Unto us a Son is given
Let us welcome him with songs
Lift up hearts and voices
Let the welcome ring
For Christmas happy Christmas
Is the birthday of our King

A merry Xmas and a happy new year
To dear Rose from Louie
December 25 th 1895

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