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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Ramona cardigan by Elizabeth Smith. Part 4

Almost, almost finished !

This cardigan has been a pretty straight forward project, and if the instructions are followed accurately than it really isn’t too difficult. 

I did have a small issue with one sleeve where I had mixed up some ssk, and and k2tog in the decrease. I considered just leaving it as is, probably no one would notice. But I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I un-raveled to the mistake and knitted it again- this time paying a little closer attention.

But, horrors of horrors ! Just as I finished up the first front band, I realized I did not have enough yarn! This is probably because I extended the length of the sweater a little, and it being black Friday week it wasn’t that easy to find a shop online that still had that one particular color. 

The good news is I did find one, and now I just need to wait patiently for it arrive in the post – Maybe I should use the time to weave in all those loose ends ?

Almost finished !

When you come to the end of a project, and just do not have enough yarn to finish it......

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  1. Adorable cardigan! That's always frustrating when you run low during a project. I'm glad you were able to find more.