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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Introducing DMC’s new 35 solid embroidery floss colors

DMC just added 35 new colors to their collection, bringing the total number of solid colors to 489.
As a designer I was very exited to see the new threads for myself, so I went online and ordered the collectors box. This proved a little unnecessary as the box came with a little dent, this often happens with metal boxes sent in the post. So lesson learned, again ! This is not the first time I get a damaged box in the post.

Just for fun I filmed myself as I opened the box to capture my first reaction, you can see the short film below.

As you all know, I re-chart antique embroidery pattern, and often  felt like the greys we had available were a little hard, and not really working for shading white flowers. So my latest pattern is color coded using some of the new colors and greys, I hope the new shades of greys will add a soft touch to the beautiful Calla lilies bell pull pattern.

DMC collectors tin box with the 35 new colors

Greys, beige, browns

Very spring-like, flowery colors

Purples and purple-pinks

Antique Berlin woolwork pattern with the new threads... some of which I used for the color key

  Pattern available here:  ETSY, Makerist, website

While I do favor using DMC threads in my project, Roland-designs is not sponsored by DMC or any other company.

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