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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Large Berlin woolwork pattern + old painting.

    Here is my son Alain holding a new addition to my collection- a large hand painted Berlin style embroidery pattern.

    The person I purchased it from had called it ' Garden of lust'- A classical, romantic gardens scene with fountian, and cherubs......

    Lot's of colors and details..... I will work on charting it as soon as I have finished my last project.

Garden of lust- Hand painted, antique embroidery pattern



     Last weekend my husband and I took a little trip to our local charity shop, amid a mass of worthless odds-and-ends, we found this naive, but beautiful original painting.

   It features a little girl wearing a traditional dress (bunad) in a room such as you would find in old Norwegian farm houses.

    Details include a basket of apples, woven rugs, herb plants in the window, in-built corner cupboard. Signed : E.Syversen

    The painting is worked on a board and in what I believe is the original frame ( slightly damaged as expected ). Such paitings are pretty common in Norway, and while I was not able to get any information on the painter, the style, frame and suppliers sticker on the back of the board make me feel it could be from around 1940-1960 ??? Of course, I am no expert and if anyone recognises it, or can supply us with more info we would be truly grateful.

   Still, a delightful picture, and as my husband and I always agree on- a pleasure to own a unique piece of art we both like- You'll never see us hanging up on our wall a hideous piece of canvas no matter how famous the artist !

Original Norwegian painting

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