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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

17th of May, 1940

    Last Saturday I picked up an interesting book at a Lion club book sale - a simply bound book full of pictures from Norway during the 2nd world war.

    Norwegians celebrate their national day on the 17th of May, the day they signed their constitution in 1814.
The 17th of May is celebrated by parades of flag waving children, marching bands, and lots of ice-cream, games and good food. 

    During the occupation in 1940,  it was forbidden to sing the national anthem and display the flag, some people still did it but were careful to hide the flags if they heard a German plane pass by.

    In 1941 it was allowed to have the flag up, but the population was not given a free day. Some persons chose to fly the flag at half stand, as a sign of national mourning. 

Picture history of the fight for freedom 1940-1945. Så vi vant vår rett ( And so we won our rights)

17 May 1940 in north Norway
Soldier looking over bombed ruins

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