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Monday, 16 June 2014

Marie Agenon's sampler

    I would like to share with you photos of the latest addition to my little sampler collection. Two French samplers, stitched in the 1800's by a girl called ' Marie Agenon'.

    Both are stitched in red thread on penelope canvas, the older one from 1888 is stitched on a larger canvas and resembles a typical school sampler. While the second one stitched eleven years later in 1889 is much more fascinating, for one it is worked on very fine canvas with a much thinner thread, Marie also added more motifs, and the name Lucie. Perhaps her second name, or the name of a friend or relation she was visiting.

    On the sampler you find the words ' Souvenir de Pagnant', there is a castle called 'Le chateau de Pagnant', it is located in the village of  Saint-André-le-Coq in Auvergne. 

    On the lower, left hand side there is a large motif which resembles the Eiffel tower in Paris. The Eiffel tower was  completed in 1889, and it is possible that Marie visited it in Paris.

    A little detail I find interesting is how Marie copied some of the elements from her first sampler, like the leafy borders, and a medallion. Even her name is stitched using the same cross stitch font, and obviously her colour choice was identical.

    I am of course curious to know more about these samplers, and if anyone has any information about Marie, her descendants do get in contact with me.

The two samplers from Marie Agenon


    I re-charted some of the borders, alphabets and motif and designed a sampler with it.

The pattern is available here: