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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Skill wins favour !

' Skill wins favour ! '

What comes to mind when you hear this quotation ?

In what ways are you sharpening your skills ?

A good question to ask yourself is : ' Are you launching out in too many directions ? Have you mastered the skill for a certain type of item/service before moving on to the next ? '

These are questions I have been asking myself the past year, and  especially with ETSY in focus...

Has it become just a hobby where I try different things, some successfully, others not ? Am I aiming at making a profit, becoming a business or just playing around with beads because I find it fun and relaxing.

These questions  are necessary in regard to evaluating your time, and effort as an ETSY seller. If it is just a fun and enjoyable pastime that pays for itself, then that is fine. But then there should not be any unnecessary stress, or frustration at low sales, and it would be wise not to over spend on supplies.

But if the aim is to create a source of income, part time or full time, then care and time must be invested into sharpening your skills. Choose one item/style and practice till you have reached a sense of comfort with the technique, become a skilled artisan/artist in that method before moving on to the next.

Investing in good tools is also important, and should be part of your skill perfecting  plan.
Make yourself a goal, document it, keep track of your progress via photo, charts, and even blogging or twitter. And when you have reached your goal and feel secure and safe in your craft, then proudly announce to buyers that you are a ‘ skilled …… man/woman’


  1. I totally agree with sharpening your skills. In the beginning of my shop I felt like I was putting myself in all sorts of directions and I feel that my sales didn't start to improve until I started focusing on just one particular area.

  2. You ask some very good questions, Virginie! There is an important - and not so easy to find -balance that all sellers have to find for themselves! And it's also a great reminder, thanks!