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Friday, 22 November 2013

Stitching models

    Recently I became aware that of all the patterns Roland-designs has to offer, very few have been stitched... of course the reason is that stitching takes time, and I have ( shame on me ) a lot of UFO's in my stitching basket.

   For those of you who are not aware of the terminology, in stitching UFO's stand for UnFinished Objects.

    My sister Claire volunteered to get some stitching done for me, so I'm putting together a little package to send her with everything she will need, DMC floss, and 28 ct linen.

    The project she will be working on is the Baby girl sampler. I on the other hand have started to stitch Sajou mini bell pull....... and I will share photos with you of the progress.

    Working on 28 ct linen is real pleasure, and the colours so pretty. Can you believe that little bell pull only measures 53 x 120 stitches, but uses 24 colours.

     Most stitchers can stitch around 100 stitches per hour, but that depends on the intricacy of the pattern, and whether or not you are using a frame, and have to change threads, etc.....

Such lovely colours for a little girls' sampler
The colours and start of Sajou mini bell pull
This little flower took me an evening... but I was watching a British comedy at the same time and did not concentrate too much.....Ha !

Do you want to stitch those charts too ? You can find them here :

Baby girl sampler :

Sajou mini bell pull :

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  1. I love the mini bell pull! I used to love cross stitching myself. I wish there were a hundred hours in every day so I could do all the projects I want, but unfortunately, I need to stick to one craft at a time!