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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Le filet anciens


    Le filet ancien  au point de reprise ( Ancient filet in darning stitch ) is a series of oversized paper booklets with the most amazing collection of old patterns. They were printed in France by 'Wolf and Dupeyron' at the beginning of the last century and were originally a selection of patterns for lacis ( filet brodé, or embroidered net ) a technique that was already fading in popularity at the time.

    Many of the patterns were shown in a format that the embroiderers could easily use, and in the back of the booklets they presented very large and impressive patterns which you could order at the time. Despite much searching, I have not yet come across any of those bigger charts.

   Through the years many patterns from this collection have been made available through newer magazines, or via private collectors like myself who painstakingly re-chart them one square at a time to make the charts clear and easier to use for the modern cross stitcher, or filet crochet enthusiast.

    I have been very lucky in acquiring the first 6 booklets in varying states of ‘ falling-apart’. But I have heard it rumored that there are more in the collection……

    Many of the monochrome charts you find on the Roland-designs site are re-charted from these books, and others like it. The selection is quite extensive and if there is anything in particular you are interesting in let me know….. 

    Cherubs, heroes, fairy tales, decorative border, heraldic patterns, floral, daily life scenes, historical scenes, and more.

Original Le filet ancien number 1 through 6

Large charts too tiny print, and faded.

Daily life scenes


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