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Monday, 21 October 2013

Histoire de la dentelle ( The history of lace )

   I recently added a new old book to my collection, at first glance the little worn out, water damaged volume has little visual appeal.... but once you turn the first page you find charming illustrations, and the story of lace as told by a person who wanted to remain anonymous by signing their name :

    M. de ***

   The book itself is poorly made, and some of the pages were still not seperated ( where the printer had used large sheets that were folded ) which leaves me to believe that it had not been read. I had to carefully cut the folded pages with a knife so as not to damage anymore than necessary this 1843 book.

   The writer explains in the first chapter that the reason the book is so short ( 86 pages )  is because the French do not like to read big books.

   It is rare to find writings from that time period which is as fresh and entertaining as this little volume proved to be.... If ever I find the time I should like to translate it into English....

Histoire de la dentelle

The author obviously wanted to remain anonymous

Poorly printed and bound

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