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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween !

    I am not a great fan of the whole Halloween-dress-up-as-horrible-as-you-can, but I do enjoy pumpkin pie and think that if God hadn't meant for pumpkins to be turned into Jack-O-lanterns He would not have made them so large, and fun to carve....

    This year the pumpkin was not so large, but it was all ours. Grown in our backyard ! I had planted two plants, but despite a lot of flowers only one pumpkin grew. Just enough for one pie, and a bit of fun !

Mrs Pumpkin 2013 and his pie


  1. That's amazing that you grew the pumpkin and baked a pie out of it; I am impressed because my husband would love for me to do this, but I have no green thumb!

  2. Ha ! I don't really have a green thumb either... pumpkins sort of grow themselves, they just need a lot of space to spread their leaves and long stem. I think they might even grow in a large pot, if you just let the plant grow out of it and trail......