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Monday, 8 July 2013

On the subject of needlework and art.

    My husband and I were in  Paris last week with our two daughter, we stayed in a little hotel near Porte Maillot, and while walking up and down the street for one reason or another we passed several times in front of a beautiful shop window full of canvas, embroidery wools and antique style needlepoint. But, alas I never got to go inside till the day we were travelling home, leaving me very little time to explore this amazing shop.

    The lady who runs the shop is an artist who creates hand painted canvases for her customers, you can buy one of her own designs, or bring her your idea/pattern and she will paint it for you directly on the canvas and work with you to select the colors suited to your taste/décor.

    I talked with her a little bit and one thing she said which stood out to me as perfectly sound advice was to not wait till one is retired and has time on hand to work on large and delicate projects.  She recommends creating your most beautiful works when you are young, as with time your eyesight will weaken and your hands might not be as steady. 

    Large needlepoint, or cross stitch projects take time, and must be worked with the best quality materials, this makes it a bit expensive at first. But if you calculate the time you will spend on the embroidery, and the quality of the finished work which will outlive you, you come to realize that it is by far an affordable hobby.

    A second visit to Le Louvre confirmed just that, time spent, quality materials and a plan of execution makes for amazing works of art. Some artist spent years on their creations and they are remembered for all times for their skill, patience and perseverance.

    While it is wise to learn a new technique by working small projects, and/or try-outs ( and do remember that practise makes perfect ), I would advice the serious needle worker or artist to invest their time into making things that will last. All these quick-this, and quick-that which have grown in popularity the past couple decades feed our laziness, and empties our purses by constant purchases, stashing and cumbers our houses with low quality items which we are none too proud of.

   If you are in Paris be sure to pass by and visit Sylvie Gros atelier, here is the link to her site :

That's how close we came to the Mona Lisa, there were so many people, and so many cameras....

Rosaline next to a very large painting

' and here is another baby Jesus painting...'

Emilie and her daddy. There is so much to see in Le Louvre.


  1. A visit to Paris sounds wonderful but Paris is very far away from Australia.

    It's interesting where we find little pearls of wisdom and inspiration. In your case from a skilled shop owner in Paris. Lovely photo's. You're daughters look so pretty. (I found your blog on Etsy Teams)

    1. I love to travel, visit museums and lovely places, but the most interesting part of a trip are the fascinating people I meet. It broadens your horizons to hear others opinions, tips, stories, and to see how they live their lives....

      Visiting Australia is on my ' Around the world in 80 years ' plan...., It must be an amazing country.