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Saturday, 29 June 2013

A busy week.....

    This has been a busy, interesting, and productive week.

    It's been two years since we moved to our new house, and it has taken me this long to decide, save for and finally order the furniture to set up my office.

   Now, having set up IKEA furniture before, I resigned myself to investing many an evening setting up the 10 pieces of furniture. But, thankfully my mother and daughter gave a hand and we had it all set up in record time.

   The next step is organising my supplies, materials, and projects. More on that later....

Emilie is the best when it comes to helping with screws and reading IKEA instructions

   When I am not busy working on Roland-designs and my other online projects I work at SFO ( After school care for children ),on thursday we had the visit of a geologist from and he took us and the children for a little treasure hunt in our neighbourhood. The children were all very exited to find crystals, and so many of them.

   Here is a little photo of the first one I found, I think there will be more treasure hunts in the near futur.......

Crystals found in Holmestrand

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