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Saturday, 11 May 2013


    Unpicking a project is not something I like to do, it just isn't fun and takes, oh, so much time..... But last weekend I had to do just that!

     I’ve been working on the free sampler, stitching mostly in the evening in bad light, so I did not notice at first that the colors of the roses were a little off. Nothing really wrong with it, the roses were pretty, but they looked old, while I wanted vibrant colors. So, after a good long look at my project in day light I decided to just do the unpleasant thing, and start again.

     Here you see the before, and after photos… I changed the colors on the PDF, but if anyone has beat me to it and likes the more ‘faded rose’ style, there is nothing wrong with it. But personally I wanted bolder flowers….

     Curious to hear your opinions…..

The first color selection

New colors

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