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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Coming up roses......

    A week or so ago I added a couple new books to my library, the first one was ' Crochet for dummies'.... I am no dummy at crochet, but I am at terminologies..... so I needed a reference book that was not in Norwegian.

    Being able to read in several languages is a blessing, but for a designer who works internationally via the net, it can be a great dilemma to know which word to use, for example the French knit one way, the Norwegians another way. And as for crochet,  the British and the Americans have different ways of naming the stitches, and needle sizes are also unalike...... Beside the obvious problem with some people using inches, feet's and such, and others the metric system.

    The other book I stumbled upon by accident, was Cath Kidston's new release ' Coming up roses - The story of growing a business'. I really admire the Kidston brand, and I feel we have a lot in common Cath and I, though I would put my taste more in the antique, whereas hers is vintage, and I am a cat fan, while she is a dog person.

     The book was very inspirational, with a lot of good tips and points to ponder for those of us who are just starting, or thinking about taking our hobby a step further. Of course, she did not have four children and had a head start in many ways, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and loved the way the publisher added pages of her famous prints, and lots of photos.

New books......

Lovely prints

Lovely roses......

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  1. Saying 'hi' from the Etsy Blog Team. Gorgeous flower patterns, and I love your header.