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Monday, 13 May 2013

Spring is in the air.....

    Spring is in the air... or more honestly... spring showers !

    But, wet days are the best days anyway for planting and moving plants around the garden, so I did away with some dear old plants who had not survived the winter, and put in their place new ones who hopefully will fare better.

    I love lavender, but the Augustifolia I had planted twice the past two years had not done very well... probably too wet. So I am trying out two new variety and hope these will do better in my Nordic garden - Lavender hidcote, and dwarf blue. Also, I am planting them nearer to the house, where the ground dries faster, then in the middle of a slightly mossy lawn where the humidity level is quite high.

    This year everything seems to be taking longer to sprout and today being the 13 of May, we are still waiting for the trees to cover themselves in leaves, and the grass is mostly patchy.

Princess examining my work

Emilie explaining about the different seeds we put to sprout.

    Flowers being rather foremost on my mind, and in waiting for my garden to bloom I have started to experiment with making floral barrettes. I bought some silk flowers, and simple barrettes, and spent a wet, rainy day making lovely things. What you have to do is take apart the flower then glue each petal individually to insure that it holds, the process is a bit time consuming, but the result is very pretty indeed....

Flower hair barrettes

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