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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Happy 7 th birthday Rosaline, happy 199 years Norway.


    7 years ago a baby girl was born early in the morning of the 16th  of May in a little red house under a very big cliff. Rosaline is very fond of hearing the story of her home birth, and how her sibling all came to give her a kiss to welcome her to the family.

    I’ve always said that if growing up in a log cabin was good enough for Abraham Lincoln, then being born in a badly renovated 190 years old Norwegian paneled log house should bring good fortune to Rosaline. Since then, we have moved to a larger, newer house but the children still have fond memories of their early childhood home.

   Rosaline is very keen on all things pink and frilly, so despite my lack of cake decorating skills, I had to come up with a pink cake. When Roland saw me mixing the pink frosting he sweetly asked if he would be allowed to eat the cake too. I think he worried that a pink cake would only be for girls- Ha !

    The 17th of May is the Norwegian national day, the day they signed their constitution and it’s celebrated with bands, and children parades.

7 candles

The birthday girl

Yes ! Boys can eat pink cake !

Emilie putting up the flag.

Rosaline all dressed and ready to join the parade.

The walk down to the center of town.

Rosy sporting pink glasses.

The day always ends with the first grill of the year.

A little walk after lunch.

Spring flowers

The forest park near our street has a lovely little stream, unfortunately Emilie and the dog managed to get all shoes and all.


  1. Happy birthday, Rosaline!
    Laura from etsy blog team

  2. Happy Birthday Rosaline lovely Pink Princess.goodies on the way.