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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Old Norway - By Fylkesarkivet i Sogn og Fjordane

Two boys with very fancy knitted socks

I found this link where you can access the photo archives of the Sogn and Fjordane county.

    Lot's of amazing black and white + some early color photographs of life in rural Norway over a century ago. 

    I like looking at old photos, there is of course the curiosity aspect - What they wore, how they lived, and worked. But also there is a bonding side to seeing photographs of days-gone-by, those are our ancestors, people who have walked the path of life before us. They went through all the phases of life, childhood, youth, marriage, joys and sorrows, then old age and death. They are no more with us, but what they left behind is part of us, the buildings we can still see, the laws they passed to better our human existence, the experiences they had, the mistakes they made, the way their life shaped our modern world.

   It makes for thought-provoking thinking, what are we leaving behind for future generation ?  

A young married couple, the bride is wearing a bridal crown, national costume with an hardanger embroidered apron.

Three little boys

Women and children outside a small farm house at Stang.

More national costumes

Jakob Osland worked for a few years at the iodine factory which was opened in 1897. When work commenced at the aluminium factory in 1906, he became drilling section leader at the dam.

View of Stongfjorden from the mountain. Hiking gear may have changed, but the scenery hasn't...

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  1. Wonderful photos. I, too, love looking at photos of days gone by.
    Thank you for sharing them.