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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Berlin woolwork details

Here is a sample of a beautiful Berlin woolwork hand painted pattern.

The outline was added later to size it up for a chair cover ? For those who don't know I re-chart  (digitalize) antique patterns and sell them as PDF on my site :

A detailed pattern like this will take quite a few hours to manually re-draw on a cross stitch software. I work on a digital graph paper and add each little block of color one by one with the mouse, then match the original colors, with similare one available by the popular embroidery thread company DMC. And finally put everything up into a neat PDF file, ready for cross stitch, tapestry or bead embroidery.

A real beauty

Look at the beautiful details


  1. Wow, very pretty find! I love the mix of blues, yellows, and grays in that second photo!

  2. Oh Wow, Virginie, that is a real beauty, I hope you are going to chart it.

  3. It is such a big chart I sort of put it off, but it has been requested by a lady who needed a special pattern for some chairs... so it is my project for next month.

  4. Good luck with charting it, I have tried re-charting and it is a BIG job.