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Sunday, 20 November 2011

H.M.Ruff's album

M.R.Ruff's Album

  I usually try to find something original, and unique when I select my husband's Christmas present. Last year I was the lucky winner at auction of an amazing book/journal from a young lady who lived in the early 1800's.

   I think I got away with it within my budget because the seller had a typo in the description, I thought it was a mistake, but did not risk too high a bid...just in case. But  my intuition was rewarded, and I was able to present this amazing book to Kyle for Christmas 2010.

   Embossed leather bound, with the name H.M.Ruff on the front cover. This was an album, or friendship book, an hobby that was very popular at the time and still is among young ladies ( I have a similar, though not so ornate, and very silly one that I kept  from when I was 15-20 years old )

    There are entries starting from 1826, and going on through the 1830's. Little poems, saying, good-bye's and notes from friends, family members, etc...There is a variety of handwriting style, some are common, but others are very graceful, and artistic.

   I will be posting some of the best entries from the album.

Beautiful penmanship

Some of the pages show wear from age



  1. That's an interesting present. What country is it from? The old fashioned script gives me a headache after trying to read it for a while. Have you gotten used to it?

  2. American, or British--no other choice is possible, har!

  3. It's American...At least I bought it from the US.