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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Irish crochet reticule purses

Irish rose crochet purse
Here are some photos of two Irish crochet reticule purses in my collection. They are not too tiny, both are about 20 cm long.. The black one has a ripped silk lining inside, and is missing an acorn, but otherwise both are in good condition.

I wonder where those two purses have been.....? Perhaps to the theater, or ballet ? Or simply to the restaurant ?

Both are excellent example of neat, and durable worksmanship.
Irish crochet reticule

Lovely acorn fringe. 



  1. So beautiful... if only they could speak.

  2. Those little bags are so beautiful. Just to think of the work that went into them. And they are in such good condition too.

  3. Would love to learn how to make these! So lovely!