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Friday, 5 August 2011

Marie Angenieux's sampler

I bought this beautiful French sampler on Ebay some years back. It had to have it reframed as the original frame was damaged, and  I had asked the seller to send it to me unframed.

It is done on fine weave, with silk threads. I believe it was the work of a young lady, as I see no obvious mistakes. It features a poem of endearment to her parents.

I might be wrong, but the date is written  - 2  7bre 1844. I believe it is 2 september 1844.

Sampler from 1844

Cher papa et chere maman

Ce n'est point en offrant des fleurs
Que je veux peindre ma tendresse ;
De leurs parfums, de leurs couleurs
En peu d'instants le charme cesse.
la rose nait en un moment
En un moment elle est fletris ;
mais ce que pour vous mon coeur sent
Ne finira qu'avec ma vie.

Outre Furens ce 2 7bre 1844                                           Fait par Marie Angenieux

In English it would translate as :

Dear papa and mother

It is not in offering flowers
That I want to paint my tenderness
Of their perfums, and their colours
In a short instant the charm is done
The rose is born in a moment
And in a moment she is withered
But what my heart feels for you
Will only end with my life.

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