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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Antique Singer sewing machine

My husband bought me this old Singer sewing machine at a charity shop for Valentine day a couple years ago.

Singers are not that expensive as they were so many of them produced, and since they were such good quality they were rarely discarded and you can easily find them at second hand, or antique dealers. Older models, or intact machines with matching box, decoration and accessories fetch higher prices.

But personally I feel a well worn model has more charm, just picture the mother sitting for hours in front of her machine, sewing clothe for her family.

Missing a couple parts, but works.

Singer sewing machine

   Each Singer has a serial number, and if you write to the company they can give you a little information about your machine.

Made in 1899

   Here is the email I received :

Thank you for writing.

Please find below, requested manufacture dates on your Singer Sewing Machines:


16165285 Number      28K Machine             April 27 1899 in Kilbowie


Singer Consumer Affairs

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