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Sunday, 19 January 2020

Fingerless mitts - Ravelry pattern review

We got a puppy in the spring of 2019, so I am outside on short and longer walks several times a day. Lily is still in the learning process and she pulls on the retractable leash at times, which I found awkward to control with gloved fingers. I looked around for some fingerless mitts and even purchased a couple cute ones, but they were made with thin acrylic yarn and after a couple use they started to lose their shape. I use my hands a lot and have a problem with dry and crackly skin, beside I have Raynaud’s syndrome so I try to use 100% wool gloves as much as possible. The only solution in that case is to knit your own!

I looked around Pinterest; lot’s of amazing and gorgeous ideas, but what I was aiming for was something quick and easy, which would also use up some of the yarn in the big leftovers yarn basket. I turned to Ravelry and found two patterns I liked, saved them in favourites and took a look at the reviews and material required. I settled for the Easy fingerless mitts pattern by Maggie Smith, I had two balls of yarn that would match the gauge but not the right sized needles. I almost went to the shop to buy them, then decided against it.  A stash buster project should not involve a purchase, so instead I used a size smaller needles and knitted the pattern a size bigger – L instead of M.

This made the mitts a little more compact, they fit well and are very comfortable since they cover my hand, but leave the thumb free for controlling the retractable dog leash.

Quick and easy, the project was finished in just a couple evenings. Yes, I would definitely recommend it !

Pattern is free and available here:  Easy Fingerless mitts by Maggie Smith

I knitted the top a little longer, just personal preference.

Fingerless mitts

Disclaimer: All recommendations or opinions are my own preference, and point of view; I am not sponsored or affiliated with the designer, nor Ravelry.

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