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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

The first book of "Hows"

The first book of  'Hows'

This most interesting little needlework booklet came into my possession, due to the tattered condition it was in, and the fact that it was meant as a self-teaching manual for children I presume it must be a rather rare copy.

It is a rather fascinating peek into what was considered important and basic skills which every girl should learn at the turn of last century.

Button holes, turning a Dutch heel, cross stitch embroidery, basic tailoring, and more.

The booklet is in a very poor state, and my scanner is not much better, so I’m offering the scan of the booklet for just a small contribution fee.

I hope you will find it useful both as an historical educational document, but also as a way to maybe go back to the basics of traditional sewing.

The scan is available here: The first book of Hows - ETSY 

The booklet was tucked inside another cover, with a simple brown cloth cover.

I'm interested in knowing what those 'Frames and boards' were like ?

Note the 'Teacher's note'.

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