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Saturday, 20 October 2018

ETSY team captain summit 2018

Over 40 European ETSY team captains representing 20 different countries

It was a privilege to represent our Norwegian etsy seller at the 2018 European ETSY team captain summit in Warsaw earlier this month.
This was my fourth summit and while each one has been slightly different, the thing that never changes is the enthusiasm and dedication you feel not just from other ETSY sellers and team captains, but also from the etsy administrators (admins) who organized, participated and contributed to the event with either a presentation, a workshop, or even just as an attentive listener, eager to know about your team, your country and your experience on the etsy platform.

This is also the year I celebrate 10 years as an etsy seller, and while etsy as an online market place has changed a lot through the years, adapting and keeping up with the online commerce trends it still remains at its core a place for creators and artist to showcase their creations and make a living, or contribution to their income by selling on a website designed just for them.

Made In Norway etsy team

Find Norway based etsy sellers here: Instagram, blog

Seller Panel with Tess Duncan (The voice behind the etsy podcast), Tania from Belgium and Helen from the Uk

Trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson gave us some insight not just into what is trending at the moment, but how ETSY sellers are contributing to the fashion and design industry with their original ideas and concept. - Keep creating ! Maybe your idea is the next 'big thing !'.

Bright and cheery summit venue

The summit venue was on the top of a tall building, with a panoramic view of Warsaw. The big globe reminded me of the daily planet, I wondered if Superman would come pay us a visit ?

Summit veterants. Some of us had attended ETSY summit before, but there were many new faces this time too.

Photo credit: Studio 1, Nafsika Kokkini. (If I have forgotten someone please let me know and I will add your name )

For more photos of the summit check out #etsycaptainsummit2018

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