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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Winter wonderland, and a new knitting project - Vanilla scarf

View from above Holmestrand / Norway

This winter has been long, and cold for those of us living in Northern Europe. But oh, so beautiful !

With snow since November, and temperatures below zero for weeks on ends. We eagerly await spring, but also enjoy some stunning winter wonderland scenery.

Here are a couple pictures from a small walk I took near where we live, I was originally following deer tracks but the snow was a little deep and I got distracted by the beautiful view.


New Knitting project


A dear friend from the Uk recently sent me some beautiful sock wool, along with a suggesting for a pretty pair of socks. One skein is reserved for knitting lacy socks, but with the other I wanted to try something different. So I looked online for patterns that required only one skein of wool and found this lovely, and simple design by Annie Baker.

It uses simple stitches, and knits up quickly. The wool I’m using is a German wool/polyamid blend called Opal by Schafpate – colour: Kate

The recommended needle size is 2.5, so for the scarf I’m using a size 3 round knitting needles. I’m very curious to see how far one skein of wool will go, is it really enough for the scarf ?

I’ll keep you updated….

Pattern is available for free here: Vanilla Scarf 

PS: All recommendations are my own preference; I am not sponsored by the designer, websites, manufacturers.

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