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Monday, 22 January 2018

Knitting news

This was fun ! I finally finished knitting my first fully functional pair of socks. Now I need to find a new project, but maybe I should finish up a UFO ( Un Finished Object ) cross stitch sampler first – More on that later.

My daughter Emilie (12) has been perfecting her doll knitting skills, and now makes mermaids and dolls with long hair and little shopping purses. I think they are just lovely, and she is becoming more and more confident in her knitting and designing.

Emilie's mermaid and knitted doll

The past week has been a bit special as we were treated to an extraordinary amount of snow ! There must be around 60-80 cm of snow in the garden and as I’m writing this I can see through the window that it is peacefully snowing again. I love snow, it gives the long dark winter months a spark of magic.

Rosaline and her sled standing on the path to our front door.

My old apple tree, well buried in snow.... beneath the snow spring bulbs are sleeping, only a couple months left and my crocuses will grace the lawn again.

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