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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Gamle Norge - R.T.Pritchett

Gamle Norge, 1879
‘Gamle Norge’ is an account written in the 1870’s by an English gentlemen who travelled in Norway to see and experience the ‘old ways’. 

Purposely avoiding spending too much time in the big cities he travelled through the countryside, visiting remote villages, glaciers, went reindeer hunting and often slept beneath the stars. 

My copy was printed in 1879, and was a lucky find in an old bookstore in Tønsberg.

The book is written in a charming and engaging manner, you feel the excitement of the traveller as he describes the peasants, their traditions, dwellings, and simple way of life. 

Much has changed in Norway, but one thing that will never change is the spirit of the traveller, and these lamentations written in the Victoria era still ring true today. 

“In these days of express trains, fish torpedoes going twenty knots an hour, telegrams, and instantaneous photographs, people will not give sufficient time to do anything with steady enjoyment. Skurry and scuttle are too prominent by far”

“..Still we made the best of it, and came to the conclusion that one of the charms of travel is the variety of situation; and then, after all, with pleasant companions, anything short of bad accidents is only the kind of thing which the true traveller must expect, and almost seeks.”


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