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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Highland hunter - Berlin woolwork chart for cross stitch, or needlepoint

Here are a few photos to show the process behind re-charting an original Berlin woolwork pattern.

I've been collecting antique needlework charts for nearly 10 years now, and am slowly working my way through my growing assortment, re-charting the designs and making them available as modern cross stitch patterns for the needlework enthusiasts. 

From the beginning I decided that despite the time consuming effort required for charting old patterns, and the high demands for originals I would keep the price of the re-charted patterns low. The motivation behind Roland-designs is to preserve our needlework heritage, by creating faithful replicas accessible to as many as possible. 

If I could find a sponsor who would cover the cost of production, I would be more than happy to offer the patterns free of charge. In time I would like to open a museum dedicated to needle art, with courses and workshops focused on keeping traditional needlework, fancy work, and all manner of skilled craft alive and relevant for future generations. 

Highland hunter - Original handpainted, Berlin woolwork pattern from the 1800's

I like to use the laptop, and sit by a sunny window when I choose the colors for new patterns. My present office lacks a bit natural light, and since I live in  Norway where there can be long periods of time with minimum sun  I tend to switch back and forth between my desktop and laptop.

Original Henrich Kuehn design. Signed patterns are really the best, as it gives you a bit more information regarding the company, person, or time period behing a pattern.

A little peek into how the pattern looks in black and white symbols, and colours with symbols.

Highland hunter is available here: website, etsy

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