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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Fixing knitting mistakes - Missed a detail in Fair Isle style pattern

This is what happens when you knit in the evening, tired from the days work and watch TV at the same time, you miss out on details.

I knitted this vest for my Papa in the famous Norwegian pattern - Marius. It's knitted in Fair Isle style, and the pattern is not too complicated, but I managed to mix it up several times. OK, that was not the worst, as long as I made all sides the same. But by the time I was finished with the whole project, had sewn it, and worked the arm holes, and neck.....only then did I notice I had missed out on a tiny little detail.

Thankfully the mistake was small, and I was able to 'embroider' the missing blue details. 

Next project, I will certainly pay more attention !

Not a huge mistakes, but for perfectionists this will never do.

Adding the missing details was quickly and easy.

''There, all done. Hope no one notices..... ''

And the finished project.... hope it fits.

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