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Monday, 28 November 2016

Rare, antique birthday greeting cross stitch work.

I was very pleased to find this amazing piece of needlework at an online auction, the quality of the work is amazing and stitched by a very skilled hand.

The piece is dated April 25th, 1896 and dedicated to ‘Dear Rose’.

I presume it was presented to Rose as a birthday gift, and worked by her friend Louie.

The stitches are neatly worked in silk, on very fine cotton fabric. Sadly the lighter colour is so faded that it is almost impossible to see what is written without holding up to the light. When I purchased the embroidery there was a another piece with it, worked in the same delicate stitches, but this time with a thread that had run leaving the finished piece slightly stained pink - probably due to someone at one point having tried to wash it. 

A birthday greeting
To dear Rose

If words could all my wishes say
Oh how my tongue would talk away
I wish this day and many more
May on my dear Friend blessings pour
In truth I wish that thou hadst all
The happiness that could befall
Whatever friends surround thee
No matter what my lot
No friend shall come between us
And make thy name forgot

''Many happy returns''
With love from Louie
April 25th, 1896

Cross stitch over two threads

The match give you an idea of the scale of the tiny stitches

Held up to the light you are able to read the embroidered poem.
Two stitches pieces, probably worked by the same person.

Detail of the second piece, also stitches in near miniature cross stitches.

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