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Thursday, 22 September 2016

1939 Norwegian school primary reader book.

1939 Norwegian primary reader
Look at what I found in a charity shop earlier this month, a well used 1939 primary reader.

This would have been printed just around the time when the second world war broke out, Norway was a very poor country then, and most people still had strong connection to the land, or sea.

The images reflect the time period with sweet, but simple illustrations of what would have been familiar scenes for children in those days such as farm life, boats, the national day celebration and even prayers.

In the front page there is a little notice, that this book was approved to use in schools by the church, and the educational department. I find that very interesting and significant, a reminder of how life in Norway use to be a lot more tied to the church even well into the beginning of last century.

' Approved for use in public schools by the Church and Educational department in writing as of the 17 June 1939 ' 
I guess even in the 30's kids drew in their school books.... they haven't really stopped actually.

'B√łnn', means ' Prayer'.  The prayer translates as ' God who cares for small children, help me who is small. Wherever in this world I roam, my life is in your hands.  You need to care for sister, brother, You need to care for father and mother. Let Your angels protect us from all evil and all danger.'

Norwegian Christmas in the 30's. The text says how the children made handmade gift, bookmarks, knitted items, paintings and a paper clipping book for the little brother. They will light candles, sing, eat Christmas porrige and stay up late.

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