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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Rest in Peace little friend.....

One of the last photos of Pervy
After a long illness with cancer, my 13 year old cat passed away.

August 2003. 

We just moved to a little house in the center of Holmestrand (Norway) , I’m 5 months pregnant, we have no money, no job and no clue as to what the future will bring.

All I know is that my husband will be doing a year of military service starting in January, and that my second child - another boy, is due in mid-December.

The house we rented from a friend is old, dating from around 1824. A small, log house  that has housed many a poor, struggling families.  

One of the first thing I notice is the tell-tale-signs of mice ! I panic and start to inquire about a cat, my neighbor warns me not to get ‘any-old’ cat, but to get one from a nice household. I recall calling one lady who had an add up for kittens, and her telling me over the phone that she did not think my house safe since we lived near the railway track.

I kept on looking and found another lady who had kittens that would soon be weaned, I called her and went up the hill ( Holmestrand is divided by a literal uptown/downtown due to it being built above and below a tall, rocky hill ) I went to visit, she had two little kittens. One caught my eye and we agreed on the date I could pick him up. A couple weeks later I took the bus up the hill with my one year old son in the pushchair, and  a large cardboard box. I picked up the kitten and while s,tanding at the door to say my ‘Thank-you’ and ‘Good-bye’ to the lady, she rushed at the kitten, gave him a last cuddle and said ‘Promise me you’ll take good care of my kitty!’.

Back home I opened the box and out came a little kitten who would live with us for 13 years, outlive three other cats, a dog, and cuddle with three babies who came to bless our family through the years.

Forward to 2016, we now have four children aged 13, 12, 11 and 10. We have a car, a house of our own and jobs. Life has gotten better, we are more comfortable, we no longer are uncertain about how we will pay the next bills… but all along the ups, and downs of life, there was always Pervy. He was always there, through periods of unemployment, a fire, in every disappointment, and joys he was always there, somewhere on the every changing sofa, sleeping peacefully or asking for something to eat. 

Now he is old, he no longer scratches the wall, or the furniture to get our attention. He walks slowly, then he stops eating. He has cancer, but he is loved. I cannot bring myself to call the vet, I cry, I wait, I hope that somehow a miracles happens…. Then he gets too weak, he’s now in pain. It’s time. I called the vet, and humanely he is given a shot to put him to sleep. He deserved it, he was a faithful friend and should not suffer.

Pervy now sleeps beneath the Lilac tree, beside Garfield and our dog - Føyke.

Good bye little friend, thank you for sharing your life with us….. you will always be remembered.... we miss you !

With Emilie in 2011

Pervy with Alain and Garfield in 2011

With Roland

In happier, healtier days.....

Pervy was a cuddly cat

Sometime a little serious

Sometime a beggar......

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