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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Montessori conference. London Museums

    Last weekend I attended a very interesting conference in London about ‘Challenging behavior and its management in a Montessori environment’. The conference was organized by ME ( Montessori Education ), with presentations by Dr Steven Hughes and Louise Livingston.

    The subject was naturally close to my heart as not only I work part time at a Montessori school, but three of my four children have diagnosis ( Autism, ADHD, and impressive speech difficulties)

    The conference was the theme for the trip to London, but I did manage to check out very quickly the Victoria and Albert museum as well as the Natural history museum.  At the Victoria and Albert museum myself and two of my colleagues managed to get screamed at by a security guard, who came running toward us  from across the hall shouting.

   ‘ Stop !’

    We had touched a stone well that was a ‘look-and-don’t-touch display’. Well, the Montessori environment is very tactile so it was only natural that we would touch something or another… we apologized and were more careful after that.

    A very quick little run around the Victoria and Albert during the lunch break, landed me right in front of a glass display featuring some panels embroidered by Mary queen of Scots. It was so neat to see in real life something I had read and studied about. There was plenty of other amazing needlework and antique clothing to inspect, but that will have to wait for another time….

    Those museums deserve a day or more to view thoroughly and I promised myself to make the time to return to London and explore with plenty of time to spare.

Victoria and Albet museum

First wing to the right from the main entrance
Museum of Natural history

I just had to take a very quick pic next to the most complete Stegosaurus fossil ever found.

So much to see.....


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