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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Rowan subscription free gift 2016. Emilie's first crochet project.


    Perfecting my knitting skills is still a high priority item on my 'To-do' list, so for my birthday I treated myself to a Rowan subscription. 

    With the 2016 subscription you could pick out a free knitting project, there was a pair of fingerless gloves, baby booties, shade cards, and a hat. I'm already knitting a sweater, so the hat sounded like a nice little project that would knit up fast and give me chance to finally try out some real Rowan yarns.

   Living in Norway where the knitting tradition is quite strong, you usually are recommended local brands when shopping for wool, so the last time I knitted a Rowan pattern I ended up using a Scandinavian wool brand.

    The hat is a straightforward cable knit on straight needles, using Rowan Lima – colour Titicaca ! The whole line of Rowan Lima wools have very South American names, probably due to the 84 % baby Alpaca content. The wool appears very delicate at first, but once knitted it feels thick and looks sturdy. I’m curious though, about whether or not it makes fluff balls…..

   It is interesting to note that the small print on the free pattern does mention that you are not allowed to sell items made from the pattern.

Rowan 'Belle Cable hat', in Lima

    My 11 years old daughter Emilie is already quite the knitter, but she had been asking me for a long time to teach her to crochet. So last weekend I took a few minutes to show her the basics of crochet, she figured it out quite quickly and took off with the hook and yarn and began experimenting. 
    A little while later she presented me with her first finished project, a little blanket for her Sylvanian animals. She had started in one place, then worked her way around in different colors. I don’t really see it as a mistake, as that is what crochet is all about- Creative flexibility ! 

     The versatility of crochet is what makes the technique so appealing to free style designers, and 3D artists. Crochet gives you possibilities that you do not have with knitting, you can quite literally create just about any designs with a simple ball of yarn, a hook and the 2 basic stitches. 

Emilie's first crochet project


Winter 2016
Holmestrand- Norway

Holmestrand. January 2016

Holmestrand. January 2016

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