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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Filet crochet, garden news.....

     A few months ago I wrote about a new filet crochet project I had started- Unfortunately, the threads I had did not match ! One was just slightly, but still noticeably a darker tint of white. Believe it or not, white is not always white !

     So, I decided to get some new threads and start again. This time I stocked up on DMC cordonnet special size 30 in white, and switched to a 0,75 hook.

     As you can see it is now progressing nicely and I'm about 1/3 done with it.

'Give us our daily bread', filet crochet.
DMC cordonnet special in size 30, and 0,75 hook. Using fine threads, and small hooks is a little hard on the eyes, so it is good to work in good light, and not for long stretches of time.


Garden news for June 
Beautiful Lilac
Ballerina tulips, beautiful and sweet smelling....

Bellis Perennis, or the common paquerette as we called them when I was a child. Sadly, I have hardly every seen them in Norway, so when we were on holiday in Denmark last year I brought back a little root and planted it in my garden. I was thrilled to see it took to the soil and bloomed this spring.

Mr Kitty on the look out for baby birds and mice. That cat is quite the hunter, and  recently observed him playing with a mouse while at the same time keeping at bay a pair of magpies that were constantly trying to steal his prey.

A little corner of cultivated flowers and weeds left to bloom together......

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