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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Tønsberg tower cross stitch pattern.

   Here is a little peek at a new project I've been working on- A cross stitch pattern of the
Tønsberg tower.

The Tønsberg tower is a well known local landmark, and the park around it is the location of medieval and music festivals in the summer, along with a museum.

   The tower was raised in 1888, as a memorial to the original fortress build in the 13 th century by king Haakon Haakonson.

    Tønsberg dates back to 871 AD, and believed to be the oldest Norwegian town. Once it was an important trading center, harbor and the place where kings were proclaimed.

    To be honest this is my second try, I had started stitching on 32 ct linen but changed to 28 ct, after I found myself having to undo stitches due to my being dissatisfied with the colors.

    This is the way with designing, sometime you find out a certain color combination doesn’t quite work, and you have to unstitch, and start again. I find it rather fascinating to create a picture with small X’s and colored threads, but when it comes to unpicking, then 28 ct linen is certainly easier to work with.

Tønsberg tower cross stitch pattern



Photos of the Tønsberg tower hill taken in 2013.

Photographer, Didier Martin ( my  papa)

Tønsberg tower 2013

Ruins of the old church

Model of how the hill with the castle and church would have looked before it was destroyed.



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