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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Summer time, trip to Legoland and Ribe Viking center

   The reason I have been a bit 'silent' on my blog and site is because I was enjoying some summer vacation with my family.

   At the end of July we took the children to Denmark where we visited Legoland and the Ribe Viking center. Anyone who has little boys/girls who aspire to be ' Master builders ' ( tittle courtesy of The Lego Movie' ), then a trip to lego land is the perfect place to gather inspiration.

   The rides are lego themed, but the waiting lines were pretty long and the sun was hot.. so that was not exactly the best part of the trip, but apart for the kiosks, restaurants, shops and rides, the artitistic concept of combining millions of little lego bricks with lovely and well kept miniature trees, and flowers is pretty amazing.

Rosaline, Alain and Emilie in front of the entrance to legoland
Rosaline and Lego friends

A palace

German themed scene

Alain and Mt Rushmore

Lego men using a chainsaw to cut their picnic bread

Abu Simbel

The white house

   After two full days at Lego land we decided to take it a little easy, and chose to drive to the Ribe Viking center. It was a nice way for the children to unwind, and enjoy some time with farm animals.

Alain practising his bow and arrow skills

Rosaline and a carved stone at the entrance

Small Viking house in the playground

Interior shots

Rosaline minting her own coin

Emilie loved the beautiful horses

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing. Enjoyed it very much. Made me homesick for Scandinavia.