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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter 2014

    The first day of the holiday week I was awaken by the dog in the middle of the night, she had a little private business to attend to, and as I took her out I could not help but notice the sound of rushing water. It was too dark to investigate, but I went back to bed feeling a little concerned as to where it could be coming from.

    Early the next morning I looked out the window and saw literally a rushing river passing through our garden and creating a fast growing pool in our neighbors yard.  We called the water central and I presume many others did as soon the water had stopped flowing and workers were seen doing something or another someone’s garden. The newspaper said it was a leak in a water pipe.

    My husband and sons spent most of the holiday visiting the grandparents, so I used the opportunity to clean out and paint the boys room….. I had planned on spending one day on the project, but it took over 2 ½ days. The room is not so big, but after having moved a wardrobe I found a patch of mold (Yuck !  That is what you get when the vent is closed and the room always a bit stuffy ) I used pure bleach on the walls and that took care of the problem, then I had to scrub the walls, remove stickers, tape, nails, leftover food and other sticky finger prints. Sometime all you need to make a mini make-over in a room is bucket of soapy water, a pot of paint and a big garbage bag !

    The whole room got a freshening up, the curtains and mattress covers were washed, and every corner dusted. 

    When I was a child in France we had monthly ‘ cleaning days’, which I dreaded of course ! But  without a plan those odd jobs such as curtain washing and dusting under furniture can be quickly overlooked.  Spending so much time cleaning a room made me think about how I need to have a working routine for those ‘ other’ chores , so I made a little chart where I divided the house into twelve sections and each month I will give a little extra attention to that room…..more on that later…..

    The boys were happy with their room, and now we just need to fix a missing list and it should be good for a while.

We woke up to the roaring sound of water flowing, there was a river passing right through our garden....

.....the river having no where else to go made a huge pool in our poor neighbors yard.

Emilie and Rosaline making marzipan Easter eggs.

Dipping in chocolate.

I made a chocolate bunny with my vintage mold, but added nuts in it so it would not be too compact.

Emilie showing her beautiful new dress....Tk's aunty Nicky !
The boys room before....

Too much white, too much clutter.

A fresh coat of paint.....

Alain was very pleased with the super heros stickers.... I wish I could find bigger ones.....

See who I found enjoying the fresh linens and clean room.....

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